Call Windows’ Cortana assistant with this Bluetooth button

Call Windows' Cortana assistant with this Bluetooth button

Now that Microsoft’s voice-guided Cortana assistant is up and running in Windows 10, you might be eager to trigger it without leaving the “hey Cortana” feature on (which might sap battery life) or staying within reach of your computer. If so, Satechi might just come to your aid. It’s releasing a Bluetooth Cortana button that will trigger the Halo-inspired helper on Windows PCs and phones from a distance. You can use it to more quickly ask about the weather from across the room, for instance, or leave your phone in your car’s cupholder when you start a call. At $23, it won’t be the cheapest single-purpose peripheral when it ships later in August. However, that purchase might pay off if you’d rather not get that chatty with your devices.

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